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"Singapore is the gateway to Asia’s bustling technology and financial scene, and home to a diverse and ambitious entrepreneurial community"

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Singapore is an economically and politically stable country known for its ease of setting up a business. Its corporate tax rate is low: 8.5% on taxable income of up to S$300K, capping at 17% thereafter; audit requirements have been exempted for small companies; and newly incorporated companies enjoy substantial tax savings for the first 3 years of operation. On top of all these, the Singapore government offers many incentive schemes and grants to encourage business start-ups. Its 21 free trade agreements (FTAs) with 27 economies and 76 avoidance of double tax agreements (DTAs) also make owning a business very attractive to local and global investors.


Some high-profile Start-ups in the last year include:

  • GRAB – Logistics and Transportation
  • SEA – General Internet
  • AIRTRUNK -Internet Infrastructure
  • VIU – Music and Entertainment
  • HOOQ – Music and Entertainment
  • TRAX – Recognition Technology
  • TENX – Fintech
  • SUNSEAP – Clean Tech
  • KYBER – Fintech
  • MyREPUBLIC – Internet Infrastruture

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