Basics of Registering a Private Company in Singapore

The entire process of company incorporation Singapore is fairly easy and extremely well-automated, and with some additional assistance, you can complete the registration process in just a few days. In addition, Singapore offers a perfect environment for local and foreign investors and entrepreneurs who are looking forward to starting a new private company. Legal Requirements of a Singapore Private Company Firstly, you need at least one shareholder to start the enterprise, and that can be an individual or a corporate entity. Also, there must [...]

Tips To Start A Personal Fitness Training Business In Singapore

As Singapore is the ideal destination where any business can thrive, you can step forth for starting your personal fitness training business along with your own gym and spa center. Foreigners are highly supported for setting up their business in this land of opportunity. But before you start doing anything, you’ll have to register company. We at VentureHaven can help you in registering your business. Our services can also support your business in filing taxes to maintaining the company’s [...]

How to Start a Rental Agency Business in Singapore?

Singapore now attracts people from across the globe to live here. The extremely urbanised city on the Pacific is strategically located and a perfect business hub giving a tough fight to Hong Kong and other prominent Asian business centers. As the demand for living in Singapore increases, the real estate industry is also booming unlike before. Along with the locals, the foreigners are also starting businesses of property rental services and agencies.Here, follow the given pointers that will guide [...]

Tips For Foreigners To Start A Business In Singapore

Entrepreneurs from across the globe are now interested in starting a business by registering company Singapore. Known to be the corruption-free and highly urbanized island country in the Asia Pacific, the strategically located republic of Singapore offers outstanding facilities to both the local as well as international entrepreneurs. The business-friendly government has made the law flexible along with keeping the immigration regulations convenient for the entrepreneurs.If you’re interested in starting a company in Singapore, visit a reliable accounting company [...]

Why It Is Important To Hire An Accounting Firm For Your Company

Due to lack of experience and oversight, a lot of startups and new companies have the tendency to blow their primary capital on renting of space, hiring of talent and purchasing of necessary supplies as a kickstart. Many times, funds are channeled into redundant things that the company ends up cutting corners on things that are of high priority. Such reasons are why it is important to hire an accounting firm to put your company’s finances in good stead. [...]

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