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Outsourced Accounting Services in Singapore

Outsource Accounting Services in SingaporeSingapore is best known for providing a favorable working environment for not only the already successful businesses but also the small and medium enterprises that are trying to get a footing in the country. The low corporate tax, robust copyright protection regulations, and transparent business policies are some of the primary factors that favor SMEs.You could hire a skilled company secretary to help you handle these matters, but as the company grows, you might be [...]

How Can You Be Helped By Our Services? VentureHaven Is Your One-Stop Partner

Singapore is now one of the most chosen places where foreign entrepreneurs are intrigued in starting their new businesses. It is not that the country is thriving for housing the top MNCs and global banks in this land, but this island republic has also provided equal provisions for the startups and small businesses from all sectors.You can also fulfill your dreams of establishing your business in Singapore with our help. VentureHaven is a popular name among the foreign entrepreneurs [...]

Avoiding Corporate Tax Filing Mistakes in Singapore

Corporate Tax Filing Mistakes to Avoid in Singapore The clock is once again ticking for corporate tax filing season.By Dec 15, all due corporate income tax returns for Year of Assessment 2018 must be e-filed. The deadline is Nov 30, if filing via paper. Penalties for Corporate Tax Filing Errors Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) imposes two categories of penalties under the Income Tax Act for errors in Annual Corporate Tax Filing: Penalties for "without any intention to evade taxes" include:face [...]

Efficient Bookkeeping for Newly Incorporated Companies

Importance of Efficient Bookkeeping for Annual Compliance in Singapore Once successfully incorporated, new companies must begin proper and efficient record keeping for compliance purposes. Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, IRAS, mandates financial records and accounts be properly maintained so that income earned and business expenses can be determined readily. Records and accounts must also be supported with invoices, serially numbered receipts, income records,  purchase and business expense records and other records of financial transactions related to your business.Come annual [...]

How does VentureHaven Handle your Bookkeeping Needs

Most start up businesses would consider company formation a daunting task. It encompasses several steps, numerous documentation and unforeseen challenges on every step. You should not delegate the process of company formation to people who do not have requisite knowledge and understanding on the entire process. We recognize the specific needs and requirements of your company starting needs. It does not bother us if the company is domestic or international. In addition, we are least concerned with your company [...]

Businesses Rise with VentureHaven’s Professional Bookkeeping Services

New business start up implies increased need for book keeping services. As a businessperson, you would be conversant of the necessity of accounting services. Small businesses do not look forward to wasting time and energy on complex and extensive paper work. Therefore, we offer them our reliable and reputed bookkeeping Singapore services to assist them. Our company would be your one stop shop ranging from company registration, incorporation, book keeping and accounting needs. We have been providing to the [...]

5 Steps For Getting A Perfect Business Website!

Right after company incorporation, you must consider creating a website for your company. The website of your company is critical for marketing and branding, and you have to focus on the right elements so that the portal makes sense to investors and customers alike. VentureHaven is one of the few companies specializes in offering a whole range of corporate services.From registering your company to offering assistance for bookkeeping Singapore , we do it all. In addition, we also create and [...]

All About Finding Company Secretarial Services In Singapore!

Any company incorporated in Singapore must appoint a company secretary within 6 months from the date of incorporation. The role of a corporate secretary is often multidimensional. Besides ensuring that the company is acting according to the statutory obligations stated by ACRA, the corporate secretary is also responsible for many administrative tasks. Here are some of the other things worth knowing about company secretarial services. Requirements at a glance The Companies Act of Singapore has a special section – Section 171 [...]

Start Your Business Successfully In Singapore With These Five Steps!

Foreign investors and entrepreneurs often count Singapore among the best countries for business investments. Singapore has entered into “Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreements” with over 70 countries, which offers great profit opportunities to offshore companies and enterprises. Almost all of industrial sectors are thriving and booming currently, and investors have the choice of selecting sectors and ventures as required. Here are 5 steps for starting a venture here. Register the company To start a company in Singapore, your company must be [...]

Three Tips For Starting A Business In Singapore with Venturehaven!

With an incredible mix of incentives and policies, Singapore is the ideal hub for offshore companies, startups, and entrepreneurs.  The government has maintained flexible rules and regulations, which are neither confusing nor extensive in nature. If you are planning to start a company here, VentureHaven brings a set of tips that will come handy in the long run.Do the basic research. It’s not enough to have a business idea, unless you have tested it enough. Try to find more [...]

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