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Duties and Roles of Company Secretary in Singapore

    Finally, you have managed to complete all the required company registration processes, and your business is fully incorporated in Singapore. The next step that you need to take is hiring qualified staff to help you achieve the set business goals and objectives. One of the professionals that you need to hire is a bookkeeping cum company secretary. Today, we look at the duties and roles of a bookkeeping Singapore professional. Facilitate Company Meetings Periodically, you will need to meet with business partners [...]

Guide to Relocating Your Business to Singapore

If you are an entrepreneur who values innovation and simplicity, Singapore is one of the best countries to set up your business. The Singapore government has put in place measures to attract investors and entrepreneurs into the country. By relocating your business to this county, you will enjoy one of the most comprehensive and robust intellectual property protection and tax policies. The policies favor not only the large business but also the small and medium enterprises. Here are golden tips [...]

Important Facts to Note about Singapore Company Incorporation Process

  Thousands of international companies are gravitating towards Singapore due to the many incentives that the government offers. Based on a recent study, Singapore is among the top-rated countries to do business in, has the most comprehensive intellectual property protection regulations, and it is rated the best foreign investment destination in Asia. Tax incentives also motivate international companies to do business in the country. Some of the incentives and exemptions that you will enjoy in the country include: You will be [...]

Laws and Guidelines for Starting a Company in Singapore

  Singapore has a stable political environment and a sound financial system that provides one of the best platforms for businesses to thrive. The government offers attractive corporate tax, top infrastructure and the availability of human capital. How to Register Company in Singapore When you want to register company Singapore, you will need to submit some documents to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). The company needs to be registered and incorporated before it can start operating. This is done by [...]

3 Primary Reasons to Choose Singapore for Company Incorporation

  40 years ago, Singapore had only half a million people, but now, 40 years later, the country has grown tremendously not only based on population but also the economy. According to recent reports, it has the largest foreign currency reserve per capital in the world. Thousands of companies are now setting camping in the country in a bid to take advantage of the emerging markets and the many business incentives offered by Singapore government. Here are some of the pro [...]

Reasons Why Most People Prefer Having a Private Limited Company in Singapore

Singapore government has worked smart to come up with generous incentives to international companies that want to set camp in the country. It is now possible to register a private limited company in the country without spending a fortune. Ideally, a private limited company in Singapore is an LLC whose shares are not available to the general public but can be held by no more than 50 persons. The shareholders can either be corporate entities or individuals or both. One of [...]

Steps to Take to Successfully Register a Company in Singapore

  When planning to start a company, it is important to carry out a feasibility study to know the best regions to establish it. Singapore is best known for providing the best business environment for businesses in different niches. Currently, there are more than 19,000 international companies and 7,000 multinationals that have set camp in the country. Low corporate tax rates, eight limited treaties that focus on income generated from air and ship transport enterprises, flexible foreign company rules and no [...]

Tips and Rules for Hiring Company Secretary in Singapore

  The strict law enforcement, generous tax incentives, lucrative emerging markets, high education standards, and transparency in the corporate sector are some of the primary reasons why international companies are moving to Singapore. When starting a company here, corporate compliance should be one of your top priorities.   Singapore Employment Act Singapore’s Employment Act is an all-inclusive statute that covers labor and employment issues. It spells out specific regulations relating to the basic conditions and terms of employment, duties, responsibilities, and rights of [...]

Deciphering the Various Foreign Company Registration Options in Singapore

  Singapore is no doubt the most preferred destination in Asia region by many foreign brands. The country is well endowed with essential resources that open it to the various lucrative regional markets. Other factors that make it ideal for foreign companies include lucrative consumer markets, unlimited investment hotspots, and affordable resources. Let us proceed and look at the various options available for international companies that wish to get registered and incorporated in the country. Subsidiary Company Based on the current interpretation of [...]

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