Licences & Permits Issued by National Environment Agency (NEA)

With effect from 1 April 2019, all food-related services, notably Food Shop, Stall, and Hawker Licences, have been transferred to Singapore Food Agency (SFA). However, if your business operation involves handling of waste and hazardous materials, the following list offers a quick glance of the licences and permits you may require from NEA.Application for Registration of Public Health Pesticide & Repellents Against VectorsCleaning Business LicenceCoffin PermitEnhanced Clean Mark Accreditation SchemeEnvironmental Control Officer CertificateFumigation PermitFumigator LicenceFuneral Parlour LicenceGeneral Waste [...]

Licences & Permits Issued By Montetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

In Singapore, financial institutions in the banking, capital markets, insurance and payments sectors are regulated and overseen by MAS. The following is a quick glance of the licences and permits you may require, if your company belongs to any of the above-mentioned categories.Application for Authorised Reinsurers & Approved MAT Insurers: A person carrying on reinsurance business outside Singapore may apply in writing to MAS for authorisiation in section 34 of the Insurance Act (Cap. 142) (“IA”) Application for [...]

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