Advantages of Incorporating an Offshore Company in Singapore

Thousands of companies are now setting camp in Southeast Asia, a bid to take advantage of the emerging markets and the many business incentives offered by local governments. Here are some of the pro reasons why you should choose Singapore, which has consistently maintained a vibrant economy, boosting the largest foreign currency reserve per capital in the world, for company incorporation. Excellent Taxation System for Offshore Companies in Singapore Tax is one of the primary factors that any entrepreneur considers when venturing into a new market. [...]

Basics of Registering a Private Company in Singapore

The entire process of company incorporation Singapore is fairly easy and extremely well-automated, and with some additional assistance, you can complete the registration process in just a few days. In addition, Singapore offers a perfect environment for local and foreign investors and entrepreneurs who are looking forward to starting a new private company. Legal Requirements of a Singapore Private Company Firstly, you need at least one shareholder to start the enterprise, and that can be an individual or a corporate entity. Also, there must [...]

Reasons to incorporate a limited liability company in Singapore

Incorporating a Private Limited Company in Singapore Even though Sole Proprietorship is the easiest and simplest business structure in Singapore that you can register to do business, it comes certain major disadvantages that must be understood and considered. Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorship No Separate Legal Entity There is no separation between the business owner and the business. This means that you are fully liable for all debts and legal actions filed against the business. Your liability is unlimited, and creditors can legally sue [...]

Requirements of Appointing a Company Secretary in Singapore

Singapore has many incentives to offer international companies planning to expand their business globally. Well known for its strict law enforcement, generous tax incentives, lucrative emerging markets, high education standards, and transparency in the corporate sector, starting a company in Singapore is also uncomplicated when you engage corporate services providers, such as VentureHaven. Post incorporation, hiring someone with extensive knowledge and understanding of new statutory corporate governance and compliance requirements is, therefore, a plus for new companies in Singapore, as the continuous [...]

Foreign Company Registration Options in Singapore

  Company Registration in Singapore for International Companies International companies that wish to establish themselves and register a company in Singapore, which is no doubt an ideal destination in Asia due to its lucrative consumer markets, unlimited investment hotspots, and affordable resources, can consider the following three available company models:Subsidiary Company: for expanding operations in Singapore; taxed as Singapore resident entity, local tax benefits available Based on the current interpretation of the company incorporation policy, a subsidiary company is a private limited [...]

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