Establishing Your Company In Singapore – Things You Need To Know!

With numerous tax incentives and flexible policies, Singapore attracts considerable foreign investment every year. The government has eased the entire process of company incorporation, and a considerable part of it is automated, as well. Offshore companies and investors have three choices when it comes to establishing a firm in Singapore. In this post, we will talk about all of them in detail. A subsidiary company Planning a private limited company in Singapore is pretty easy. One or many of the shareholders [...]

Things You Must Know About Corporate Tax Advisory Services

Singapore offers the right mix of opportunities and incentives for small businesses and startups, and if you have a business idea, you should consider the financial hub of Asia as your destination. The process of incorporating company Singapore is fairly easy, and a lot of it is automated. However, most entrepreneurs have a hard time dealing with corporate tax norms. This is where corporate tax advisory services come in the picture. Corporate tax cannot be avoided, and if you [...]

All About Finding Company Secretarial Services In Singapore!

Any company incorporated in Singapore must appoint a company secretary within 6 months from the date of incorporation. The role of a corporate secretary is often multidimensional. Besides ensuring that the company is acting according to the statutory obligations stated by ACRA, the corporate secretary is also responsible for many administrative tasks. Here are some of the other things worth knowing about company secretarial services. Requirements at a glance The Companies Act of Singapore has a special section – Section 171 [...]

Everything You Want To Know About Employment Pass In Singapore

Professionals interested in job opportunities in Singapore must secure an Employment Pass. Also known as EP, the Employment Pass allows foreign nationals to work in the country, as long as they have acceptable qualifications and a minimum salary of S$3300 per month. At VentureHaven, we intend to help companies and employees in securing EPs as required. Here are some of the other details you need to know about getting a EP. The basics Employment Pass (EP) is mainly meant for professionals, [...]

What To Expect From Accounting Services In Singapore?

Often called the financial hub of Asia, Singapore offers endless opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners. Opening a company here is easier than in most other Asian countries, thanks to an incredible incorporation process, which has been fairly automated. Once the company is established, you must find a company that specializes in accounting services and understands the SFRS, IFRS & IAS standards. In this post, we will talk about the services you can expect from a professional and reputed [...]

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