A Guide To Appointing A Company Secretary In Singapore

If you are a registered company in Singapore or in the process of being incorporated, it is important to note that all companies incorporated in Singapore must satisfy one key requirement of appointing a  who resides in Singapore. A secretary oversees all administrative/reporting functions and ensures that the directors and shareholders of the company satisfy their statutory obligations. Every year, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) issues about 10,000 penalties to various companies for non-compliance with the law, [...]

4 Benefits of Company Incorporation in Singapore

Each year, thousands of local and foreign entities opt for company incorporation in Singapore—and it comes as no surprise. For ten consecutive years, Singapore was ranked as the best country in the world for Doing Business among 189 countries surveyed by the World Bank. We are currently at the forefront of innovation and growth, offering an unparalleled boost with our burgeoning startup ecosystem. So what makes our city so alluring to entrepreneurs from around the globe? Affordable Tax System One of [...]

Tips For Foreigners To Start A Business In Singapore

Entrepreneurs from across the globe are now interested in starting a business by registering company Singapore. Known to be the corruption-free and highly urbanized island country in the Asia Pacific, the strategically located republic of Singapore offers outstanding facilities to both the local as well as international entrepreneurs. The business-friendly government has made the law flexible along with keeping the immigration regulations convenient for the entrepreneurs.If you’re interested in starting a company in Singapore, visit a reliable accounting company [...]

Starter Tips For Incorporating Your Company

Once again, Singapore retains its top rank this year for ease of doing business, living up to its prestige as one of the leading financial hubs in Asia. Singapore’s economic conditions and ideal regulations on taxes offers are hard to ignore, so if you are an entrepreneur dead set on starting your business here, these are some useful tips to steer you in the right direction and make the process of incorporating your company a smooth and painless one: Selecting [...]

Why It Is Important To Hire An Accounting Firm For Your Company

Due to lack of experience and oversight, a lot of startups and new companies have the tendency to blow their primary capital on renting of space, hiring of talent and purchasing of necessary supplies as a kickstart. Many times, funds are channeled into redundant things that the company ends up cutting corners on things that are of high priority. Such reasons are why it is important to hire an accounting firm to put your company’s finances in good stead. [...]

4 Factors To Take Note Before You Register Your Company

While the idea of a flourishing business is exciting, it is important to not get ahead of yourselves and dive headfirst without understanding what you’re in for. Here are some major considerations to take note of before you register your company: Business Plan Considering you have carried out in-depth research and you have a winning business idea in mind, the next step to take would be to transform it into a solid and feasible plan. At this stage, ensure that you [...]

Registering a Company

Are you in need of company registration services? Perhaps you are an aspiring businessman seeking to start his first business. Perhaps you are merely someone who thinks he has a potential idea that may develop into a thriving business one day. Or perhaps you already own a company or multiple companies, and are looking towards registering more. In that case, should you not wish to go through the arduous process of company registration on your own, the company registration [...]

Things to Know Before Starting a Business in Singapore

Today’s entrepreneurs are showing more interest in starting their business in Singapore for the myriad facilities the island country on the Asia Pacific offers. With its strategic location and extremely developed infrastructure- Singapore boasts to be the best country for any business at affordable rates for the global investors. Therefore instead of choosing Silicon Valley of Hong Kong, the entrepreneurs that value simplicity and have the innovative approach for business are more interested in starting their new venture in [...]

Registering a Company in Singapore

A person may wish to register a company in Singapore for any number of reasons. While there are a large number of states around the world with varying degrees of business-friendliness or business-viability, Singapore remains at the top of the list of good countries to do business in. To register a company in Singapore would mean benefiting from its world-class integration of several key aspects needed for a thriving and successful business. Should one register a company in Singapore, [...]

Company Incorporation Services by VentureHaven

VentureHaven is the single most renowned accounting firm in Singapore offering company incorporation services. We have had nearly a decade of business and accounting expertise and have built ourselves up to be a famous brand name in the field of company incorporation. The procedures and compliance requirements involved in company incorporation are overcomplicated and daunting to an inexperienced individual, however, VentureHaven has had considerable experience conducting company incorporation for over 2000 clients and counting. We have accrued significant knowledge [...]

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