FAQs for Incorporation, Compliance, Secretarial Duties and Foreign Ownership

Foreign Owned Company

To incorporate a company in Singapore, it is compulsory under the Company’s Act to appoint a local resident to perform the role as a local resident director.

A Nominee Director is a local person provided by VentureHaven to fulfill the requirement of a local resident director for a Singapore company. The Nominee Director will hold no shares, take no part in the management of the company, nor participate for the signing of the company’s documents and contracts.

The Nominee Director will not hold any shares in the company and not take part in the management of the company.

We also expressly disallow the Nominee Director from taking up employment contracts / duties within the company, so as to have clear lines on the duties and obligations of the Nominee Director.

The Nominee Director will not have any access to your bank account and funds and he / she will not be a signatory of your bank account.

However, there are potential risks involved and we can explain them to you in better detail over a call or email consultation.

The usual contract term is 1 year but we’re able to tailor our Nominee Director services to your requirements. If you require a shorter or longer term of service, that can be arranged during your discussion with our Business Consultant.

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