Corporate Professional Service Fees Table

Our clients value VentureHaven for our transparency in pricing, and we believe in providing the best of class service to you at the fairest service fees.

Prices quoted below are all in SGD.

Appointment of Director1 Director45
Resignation of Director1 Director45
Update Personal Particulars of Directors1 Director30
Appointment of an Auditor1 Incoming Auditor60
Resignation of an Auditor1 Outgoing Auditor60
Change of Auditors1 Incoming 1 Outgoing120
Appointment of a Company Secretary1 Company Secretary95
Resignation of a Company Secretary1 Company Secretary95
Other Matters Relating to Company OfficersTBQPls check with Us
Increase Share Capital of Company1 Shareholders95
Update Paid Up Capital Amount1 Shareholders95
Update Shareholder(s)’ Personal Particulars1 Shareholders30
Declare and Approve DividendsPer Job95
Transfer of SharesPer Transfer95
Subdivision of SharesPer Job95
Consolidation of SharesPer Job95
Other Shares-related MattersTBQPls check with us
Declare and Approve Directors’ FeesPer Director95
Update New Registered AddressPer Job45
Change of Business ActivitiesPer Job45
Change of Company NamePer Job120
Change Financial Year EndPer Job45
Amend ConstitutionPer Job120
Strike Off of Dormant Company (<18 months old since incorp)Per Job295
Strike Off of Dormant Company (>=18 months since incorp)Per Job345
Strike Off of a Non-Dormant CompanyPer Job395
Other Matters Relating to Company Matters & ConstitutionTBQPls check with us
Opening of Bank AccountPer Job40
Closing of Bank AccountPer Job40
Update Bank Signing Mandate (Signatory)Per Job40
Request for Secretary Signing of Bank Documents (at our Office)Per JobFREE
Request for Secretary Signing of Bank Documents (out of Office)Per Hour150
Resolution to Approve Bank Loan FacilityPer Job100
Purchase of PropertyPer Property80
Disposal of PropertyPer Property80
Incorporation of a SubsidiaryPer Subsidiary120
Setup of a Subsidiary / Associate CompanyPer Investment120
Acquisition of Shares in Another CompanyPer Acquisition120
Disposal of Shares in Invested CompanyPer Disposal120
Approval to Enter into Tenancy AgreementPer Job50
Other Business MattersTBQPls check with us
Liaison with External Auditors for Statutory Review Only for CS ClientFREE
Purchase of Business Profile (By Email or Self Collect)Per Business Profile10
Purchase of Certificate of Incorporation (Self Collect)Per Certificate 80
Purchase of Lodgement Records (By Email or Self Collect)Per Record55
Apply Extension of AGM (30 days)Per Job100
Apply Extension of AGM (60 days)Per JobFrom 180
Rectification of Lodgement ErrorsPer Lodgement Error195
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